Fall in Roncesvalles Village

Red leaves on tree
Leaves changing colour before they fall from the trees in High Park.

The colder weather summons the change of the season, as always. For some this brings an end to all the warmer activities and a profession to winter and all the activities and events associated with it.

Well as the weather changes it makes for some beautiful lighting conditions and a rich palette of colours from all the trees and plants, which brings us to the reason for the post.

What a great time to take some nice photos, which is exactly what we did and share with you here. We decided to get out and take some pictures to share. First we hit one of the local cafes (we won’t tell you which one because there are many good ones) to get a warm beverage to enjoy on the way.

Fall in Roncesvalles Village.

Enjoy the pictures.

Roncesvalles Polish Festival 2015

Roncesvalles Polish Festival 2015
Polish folk dancing on the main stage during the Roncesvalles Polish Festival 2015.

The annual Roncesvalles Polish Festival takes place every year at about the same time during September, when everyone is back from summer vacations and the street is hustling and bustling. It is a great time to visit Roncesvalles Village during the fall.

The official site for the festival can be found here. It has everything that you need to know and includes media, maps and even an official mobile app so that you can plan and make the most of your time at the festival. (more…)

Welcome to Roncy.ca – Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles Street sign

Roncesvalles Ave, Roncesvalles Village.

One of the best places to live in the city of Toronto. The recent spike of popularity and interest in the area has a lot to do with its location, but also with the character of the street and the area. It is now a thriving busy street with many businesses, amenities and specialty shops.

People residing outside the area often mention that they have come to visit the area specifically. And whenever I make it known that I live in the area, I am always met with a reaction of excitement and typically a reply of something along the lines of how good this area is, and how fortunate I am to live here.

I have called this area home for a few decades and witnessed the area undergo dramatic change. The Roncesvalles of old, is much different than Roncesvalles of new. Looking back, there were a lot of things that pointed to the location becoming such a sought after neighbourhood. The location of the main street, and its self enclosing north and south boundaries have really allowed it to become a village all its own. In fact, it has become an area in which you can find pretty much everything you need. It’s proximity to both the lake, High Park, and Sorauren Park provide residents with recreational areas, whether its for walking, running, biking, walking the dog, there are many possibilities to enjoy the day here.

Roncesvalles hasn’t always been this way, it has experienced a dramatic change. We will try to explore more of the history of the area on this site later on, but as is widely known, there used to be a much larger Polish cultural presence in this area. There were numerous Polish delis, restaurants and spots. Although there are a few places that remain and there still exists this presence in the community, the area has become more multicultural while it continues to change with new businesses opening in the area as it goes through the process of gentrification.

As this continues, it is without a doubt that the street will continue to experience a positive growth, and become one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city. This brings us to the reason for this site. Roncy.ca will try to create a site that focuses on everything about Roncesvalles Village, and the people who enjoy this area as much as we do. We also aim to provide a forum on which visitors and residents alike will be able to experience the community feeling online, and provide feedback and a positive exchange of ideas. Hosting this online community, will hopefully help to connect, build friendships and relationships with people in the community and serve as a community builder. Past residents, current residents and future residents, will be able to either reminisce, talk about experiences and discuss, or plan their visit in Roncesvalles Village.

Roncy T